Principle and characteristics of reverse osmosis pretreatment cation filter?


This equipment is a self-controlled single-valve double-column continuous water-producing floating bed type, and the exchange principle is the same as that of all sodium ion exchangers.


The sodium ion exchanger seems to be the most advanced softened water treatment equipment in China. It is suitable for the softening treatment of make-up water of industrial boilers and domestic boilers for heating and steam supply and process water of all industries. The equipment integrates three systems of exchange, automatic control and regeneration. The exchange system consists of two exchange columns and a specially designed rotary valve according to the principle of alignment; the automatic control system drives the rotary valve to rotate at a fixed angle at regular intervals, and various liquids are controlled by the rotary valve to achieve relative movement and periodic conversion; regeneration liquid Automatically supplied by the regeneration system. The two exchange columns work alternately to realize automatic continuous water production.


The equipment is light in weight, occupies a small area, does not need a special workshop, does not need a concrete foundation, and has low civil construction, installation, operation and maintenance costs. The equipment has been filled with resin at the factory, and the installation is simple. Just connect the inlet and outlet pipes and power supply, and then start to produce soft water. The energy-saving effect of the equipment is remarkable. Compared with similar products, it saves 50% of investment, 30% of salt, 60% of cleaning water, and reduces a lot of environmental pollution. The length of the equipment operation period and the amount of salt input can be adjusted according to the hardness of the raw water. Low resin consumption, low salt consumption, excellent water quality, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The equipment has strong adaptability, and the residual hardness of the softened water after one-time softening of high-hardness raw water (≤30mmol/1) is ≤0.03mmol/1. The equipment produces water continuously, no need for a backup exchanger, and no need for a separate salt pool salt pump and pressure-dissolving salt device.

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