1. Industrially produced ion exchange resins inevitably have some impurities when they leave the factory. They should be rinsed with clean water before use until the resin is clear.
  2. Alternate treatment with 4% NaOH, rinse with plenty of water between acid and alkali, and repeat the treatment three times. That is: acid-water, alkali-water, repeated, each time the amount of acid and alkali is 2 times the volume of the resin, dynamically carried out in the exchange column, such as treatment in the container should be a small amount of multiple times.
  3. For the last treatment, the cation resin should be converted to H type by acid, and the amount of all acids should be doubled. Pure water is used for washing; the anion resin should be converted to OH type by alkali, so the amount of alkali used should be doubled.
  4. For medical and food industries, it is best to soak the money in ethanol and then treat it with acid and alkali. For the first regeneration of the treated new resin after a cycle of operation, the amount of acid and alkali should be 1.5-2 times the normal amount.
C100E 03

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