What are the pretreatments of reverse osmosis equipment?

The pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment is mainly composed of the following three parts: multi-media filter (also known as quartz sand filter), activated carbon filter, and softened water equipment.

Multimedia filter (also known as quartz sand filter): It is composed of a control valve, a tank and three layers of quartz sand of different grades. It can effectively remove the visible impurities, suspended solids and some colloids in the raw water, greatly reduce the turbidity of the raw water, and can carry out backwashing.

Activated carbon filter: It is composed of a control valve, a tank and two layers of activated carbon with different water purification levels. It can effectively remove the residual chlorine in the raw water, absorb the peculiar smell in the water, make the water feel refreshing, and can be backwashed.

Water softener: It is composed of control valve, tank body, salt tank, central pipe, salt suction valve and water flow pipe. It can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions from water. The service life of the reverse osmosis membrane will not be affected by the fouling of the reverse osmosis equipment during operation.

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