What are the main contents of UV lamp maintenance? 

  1. Replacement of the lamp The ultraviolet lamp usually does not burn out suddenly, but the ultraviolet emission intensity will decrease with the use of time. Usually after one year of continuous use of the ultraviolet lamp, the ultraviolet intensity will be reduced to 60% of the new lamp . The UV intensity of the new tube is about 90μW/cm2. When the UV intensity drops to 70μW/cm2 (the minimum effective UV dose that can effectively kill bacteria), the tube must be replaced. Frequent switching has a great impact on the life of the UV lamp, which far exceeds the damage to the UV lamp caused by continuous use. The number of switching of the UV lamp should be reduced as much as possible.
  2. Performance monitoring The types and quantities of bacteria in the water samples before and after the UV disinfection equipment should be monitored regularly to monitor the performance of the UV disinfection equipment. And it is necessary to conduct bacterial culture experiments on the downstream water samples of the ultraviolet disinfection equipment to detect the ability of bacteria to resurrect.
  3. Lamp cleaning. The water passing through the ultraviolet disinfection equipment contains many suspended solids (SS). These suspended solids will be deposited on the outer surface of the ultraviolet lamp, reducing the ability of ultraviolet rays to penetrate the lamp into the water body, and reduce the ultraviolet as much as possible. The SS content of the equipment into the water, and regular cleaning of the UV lamp, the cleaning frequency depends on the water quality. To
  4. To monitor the UV dose, a UV intensity meter should be used to measure the dose of UV rays entering the water body through the UV tube. If the UV dose is too low, the bacteria will not be effectively killed. The UV intensity meter can determine when it is necessary to clean and replace the lamp. Tube.
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