Oilfield Oily Sewage Filter

In-situ cleaning and regeneration of filter media

Through analysis, it is found that the main components of filter media pollutants are crude oil, sulfide and so on. An effective filter material regeneration agent is developed for the pollutant components, which solves the problem that the dense mixed pollutant layer is difficult to remove. A dosing device was developed. The filter material in-situ regeneration process is determined. Field application has achieved good results.

Filter media cleaning and regeneration of oily sulfides

The filter material in the filter continuously retains pollutants during the oily sewage treatment process. These pollutants adhere to the surface of the filter material, resulting in the bonding of the filter material and the reduction of the filter channel, the filter holding capacity is reduced, and the backwashing effect is deteriorated. , this process continues for a sufficient time, which will cause the filter material to be hardened and scrapped. The survey results of the current situation of water quality in oilfield sewage treatment stations show that: in recent years, the pollution of oily sewage filters in oilfields has increased significantly, mainly manifested in the obvious decline in the ability of the filter media to hold dirt, the water quality after filtration, and the energy consumption of backwashing. increase and the effect of backwashing decreases.

The main reasons for the aggravation of filter media pollution are as follows: First, with the extension of oilfield development time, the number of bacteria in produced water increases greatly, and sulfate-reducing bacteria will lead to an increase in the content of sulfide in produced water, which can be retained by filter media. And adhere to the surface of the filter material, so that the adhesion between the filter material particles occurs. Secondly, polymer flooding sewage and water flooding see polymer sewage are difficult to separate oil and water from water flooding sewage and sedimentation of suspended solids, which leads to high content of sewage oil and suspended solids in the incoming water of the filter, which accelerates the rate of filter material pollution.

Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the seriously polluted filter material, so that it can be regenerated and its service life can be extended, thereby reducing the pollution to the environment and saving money. However, the polluted filter material cannot be regenerated by the conventional backwashing process and backwashing agent alone, so a feasible filter material cleaning and regeneration technology is urgently needed in actual production.

According to the needs of oilfield production, the polluted filter material obtained from the oily sewage filter on site was analyzed, and the main components and contents of the filter material pollutants were determined. According to the main components of the filter material pollutants, the filter material regeneration agent formula suitable for the quartz sand filter material and the walnut shell filter material was developed through experiments, and a special agent dosing device was developed. Field applications have achieved good results.

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Oilfield Oily Sewage Filter

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