Membrane desalination technology

The technology takes integrated membrane technology as the core, treats industrial wastewater, effectively reuses wastewater, and recycles heavy metals and chemical products in wastewater, enabling companies to achieve clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and increase production and reduce pollution. To promote sustainable development. Through the Tenth Five-Year Plan, we have successfully developed membrane wastewater resource recovery technology, which can be widely used in electroplating, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, papermaking and other industrial wastewater fields.

Seawater desalination is the separation of salt and water in seawater to obtain fresh water. Reverse osmosis is the mainstream technology of seawater desalination in the new century. It is characterized by no phase change in the process, low investment, energy consumption, and desalinated water costs, and has a short construction period and is very competitive. At present, the key technology of reverse osmosis seawater desalination has reached the international advanced level of the same capacity, and the seawater desalination plant built by the Water Center accounts for about 50% of the domestic reverse osmosis seawater desalination.

The seawater desalination equipment is mainly composed of reverse osmosis membrane modules, energy recovery devices, high-pressure pumps and auxiliary equipment. Reverse osmosis seawater desalination technology and equipment are mainly used in islands and coastal areas to treat seawater into fresh water as a municipal water supply or water for production enterprises to solve the shortage of fresh water caused by social development, environmental pollution, climate change, and natural disasters in coastal areas. problem.

Purified UF Water Membrane

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