Management methods for installation and commissioning of softened water equipment?

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the assembly, installation and commissioning of equipment for various engineering projects of softening water equipment, and to improve and standardize various systems of the enterprise, according to the actual situation of the current work, the equipment installation management regulations are specially formulated as follows:

Preparation before assembling the softened water equipment

  1. When the factory receives the company’s official seal, the “softening water equipment assembly task book” (or fax document) in writing is the official assembly work.
  2. The “Demineralized Water Equipment Assembly Task Book” is complete and standardized, and specifies the specific configuration, specifications, models of the equipment and the time requirements for completing the assembly work.
  3. The batching clerk (part-time administrative clerk) of the factory completes the written “application material list” according to the “task book” and is reviewed by the technical director of the factory, and then goes to the warehouse to pick up the goods.
  4. If the item is out of stock in the “Applying Material List”, the batching staff will immediately fill in the written “equipment and material purchase order” and fax it to the company.
  5. In the event of an urgent task or the assembly and installation of small equipment, the “equipment assembly task book” and “application material list” must be re-issued in time.
  6. The assembly of the household water softener should also strictly abide by the above work flow.

Assembly of softened water equipment

  1. The work of softening water equipment factory is currently determined as: assembling reverse osmosis equipment, softening water equipment, ultrafiltration equipment and household machines. All other equipment is purchased.
  2. Implement the responsibility system for the assembly of softened water equipment, and the person in charge of the factory and the technology are responsible for the process, quality and time limit of equipment assembly.
  3. Test machine and quality inspection of softened water equipment.
  4. Carry out strict inspection of the softened water equipment before leaving the factory.

Preparation before equipment installation and commissioning

  1. In local or other areas, it is required to see the installation site first, and then go out for installation and debugging.
  2. According to the installation site conditions of the softened water equipment, put forward the preparations for pipe fittings, spare parts and other materials and tools, and go through the procedures of “applying for the list of materials”.
  3. When it is too late to see the site or there are customers from other places, the salesman should introduce the site situation in detail or directly understand the site situation from the customer, and carefully complete the preparation of installation materials and tools to ensure the smooth completion of the site installation and commissioning.

Installation and debugging of softened water

  1. Implement the responsible person system for the installation and commissioning of softened water equipment, whoever installs is responsible, and one responsible person is determined for more than two installations. Take full responsibility for the quality of the installation project.
  2. Workers should check carefully before installation and departure to confirm whether the equipment, materials and tools they bring are complete. The lack of materials and tools at the installation site shall not affect the normal installation and installation quality.
  3. The batching clerk (part-time administrative clerk) of the company and the factory prepares 1. “Equipment receipt (commissioning) list”; 2. Product instruction manual; 3. Product certificate (if necessary, a complete test report should be prepared) The customer is required to first Install and debug after signing.
  4. In the case of installing and debugging the supporting softening water equipment (purchasing equipment), the contact information of the equipment manufacturer’s technical personnel must be prepared, and if there is any problem, contact in time to ensure the normal completion of the installation work.
  5. For any installation and debugging task, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment runs stably and reliably, and conduct training carefully, so that the other party can understand the basic performance of the equipment and can operate the equipment normally, so that customers are satisfied.

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