What are the application areas of ultrafiltration membranes?

With the advancement of technology, the screening function of ultrafiltration membrane is bound to be improved and strengthened. The industrial application of ultrafiltration membrane is very extensive, and it has become one of the new chemical unit operations. Used in separation, concentration, purification of biological products, medical products and food industry; also used in blood treatment, waste water treatment and ultrapure water preparation terminal treatment devices. In China, ultrafiltration membranes have been successfully used to concentrate and purify Chinese herbal medicines.

Application areas of ultrafiltration membranes:

  • Purification and sterilization of various pure water and drinking water.
  • Separation and purification of biochemical fermentation broth.
  • Chinese medicine extract liquid separation and refining.
  • Electrophoresis paint recovery/Electrophoresis waste liquid treatment and recovery.

External pressure type ultrafiltration membrane module application field:

  • Residential district or residential unit water supply purification device.
  • Sterile purification water supply system.
  • Machining cutting fluid is separated from oil and water such as steel rolling coolant.
  • Purification treatment of mineral water and drinking water.
  • The turbidity removal and purification of Chinese herbal medicine extracts.
  • Filtration and clarification of fermentation broth.
  • Clarification and filtration of low-alcohol wine.
  • Household water purifier filter element.

Internal pressure hollow fiber micro-membrane module application field:

  • Pretreatment of large-scale reverse osmosis water production system (continuous microfiltration equipment, CMF)
  • Intermediate water treatment and reuse, advanced sewage treatment and reuse
  • Removal of total dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in water (degassing membrane)
AQU200 UF filter membranes

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