Ion exchange resin, mixed bed ion exchange resin

Ion exchange characteristics:

  1. Compared with the traditional glass fiber tank, the plexiglass material can withstand greater pressure.
  2. It is more durable and has a longer service life than traditional containers.
  3. Colorless and transparent, so that the operator can see the operating status of the equipment with naked eyes.

Ion exchange mixed bed means that the anion and cation resins are installed in the same equipment, and the water passes through the mixed anion and cation resin layer for desalination. The mixed bed can be regarded as a multi-group multiple bed composed of many anion and cation resins arranged in a staggered manner, and the anion and cation exchanges are carried out almost simultaneously. The H+ produced by the H-type exchange and the OH- produced by the type-exchange can neutralize each other, so the exchange reaction proceeds very thoroughly, and the effluent quality is very good.

C100E ion exchange resin

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