Introduction to ion exchange resin

The full name of ion exchange resin is composed of classification name, skeleton (or gene) name, and basic name. The pore structure is divided into two types: gel type and macroporous type. Any resin with physical pore structure is called macroporous resin, and “macroporous” is added before the full name. If the classification is acidic, add “yang” before the name, and if the classification is alkaline, add “yin” before the name. Such as: Macroporous strong acid styrene cation exchange resin.

Ion exchange resins can also be classified into styrene resins and acrylic resins according to the type of matrix.” The type of chemically active groups in the resin determines the main properties and types of the resin. Firstly, it is divided into two categories: cationic resin and anionic resin, which can be ion exchanged with cations and anions in the solution respectively. Cationic resins are further divided into two types, strong acid and weak acid. Anionic resins are further divided into two types, strong alkaline and weak alkaline (or medium strong acid and medium strong alkaline).

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