Issues that should be paid attention to in ion exchange operation and regeneration

  1. The effluent quality after countercurrent regeneration is higher than that of downstream regeneration, and the unit consumption of regenerant is lower than that of downstream regeneration.
  2. The quality of the regenerant should be high, and the regeneration effect of the regenerant with high purity is much better.
  3. The quality of recycled water should be high.
  4. Do not mix the cation resin into the anion resin, otherwise the amount of Na in the effluent sink will increase and decrease to downstream regeneration.
  5. When the inlet water temperature is low in winter. The liquid temperature of the regenerant should be heated. The lye is at 30-40 degrees Celsius.
  6. When backwashing, slowly open the backwashing water inlet valve and gradually increase the water intake. When the water turbidity is low, minimize the number of backwashing.
  7.  The concentration of downstream regenerant is about 4%, and the concentration of countercurrent regenerant is about 2%.
C100E ion exchange resin

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