Introduction to the main purpose of reverse osmosis equipment

The main purpose of reverse osmosis equipment:

  1. To produce pure water and high-purity water required for the electronic industry production such as kinescope glass bulb, kinescope, liquid crystal display, circuit board, computer hard disk, integrated circuit chip, monocrystalline silicon semiconductor and other processes;
  2. The production of thermal and thermal power boilers, softened water and demineralized water required for the feed water of medium and low pressure boilers in factories and mines;
  3. Preparation of large medical infusions, injections, pharmaceuticals, biochemical products pure water, medical sterile water and pure water for artificial kidney dialysis required by the pharmaceutical industry;
  4. Purified drinking water, distilled water, mineral water, wine brewing water and pure water for blending in the beverage (including alcohol) industry;
  5. Production of domestic water and drinking water from sea water and brackish water;
  6. Preparation of deionized water for electroplating process; pure water for battery (storage) production process; surface coating and cleaning water for automobiles, household appliances, and building materials; pure water for coating glass; de-hardening required for textile printing and dyeing process Demineralized water;
  7. petrochemical industry such as chemical reaction cooling water; chemical agents, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process pure water;
  8. High-quality water supply network system for hotels, buildings, community airport real estate properties and swimming pool water purification;
  9. Circuit board, electroplating, electronic industry wastewater treatment and reuse;
  10. Treatment of wastewater and landfill leachate in life, hospitals, tanning, printing and dyeing, and papermaking industries
Commercial Reverse Osmosis Equipment

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