Introduction to the characteristics and application fields of ion exchange resin system ultrapure water preparation process

  1. The industrial ultrapure water treatment process is one of the most widely used processes for the preparation of industrial ultrapure water.
  2. Ion exchange resins in the food industry can be used in sugar, monosodium glutamate, wine refining, biological products and other industrial equipment.
  3. The ion exchange resin in the pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in the development of a new generation of antibiotics and the quality improvement of the original antibiotics. The successful development of streptomycin is a prominent example.
  4. In synthetic chemistry and petrochemical industries, acids and bases are commonly used as catalysts for esterification, hydrolysis, transesterification, hydration and other reactions in organic synthesis.
  5. Metal ions in electroplating waste liquid, recovery of useful substances in film production waste liquid, etc.
  6. Hydrometallurgy and other ion exchange resins can separate, enrich, purify uranium and extract rare earth elements and precious metals from depleted uranium ore.

Ion exchange equipment is a traditional deionized water equipment, its water quality is stable, and the cost is relatively low. In the past, the make-up water of power plant boilers used the treatment process of positive bed + negative bed + mixed bed.

In recent years, with the development of reverse osmosis, EDI and other processes, ion exchange equipment is complicated to operate, not easy to realize automation, wastes acid and alkali, and has high operating costs. The shortcomings have become more prominent. At present, more advanced treatment of reverse osmosis is used.

Small ion exchange equipment often uses organic glass exchange columns, which is conducive to observing the operation of the resin. For example, whether the regeneration layering of the mixed ion exchanger is sufficient, whether the cation is “poisoned”, etc., and resin loss.

Large-scale ion exchange equipment uses carbon steel lining epoxy resin or rubber lining, and a visual device is reserved in the middle to facilitate online observation of the water level of the regeneration liquid during ion regeneration.

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