Importance of Resin Selection for Boiler Water Softening Equipment

The water softening equipment can be used as the softening treatment of boiler and air-conditioning make-up water, reducing the hardness of the water, preventing the boiler from generating scale, and preventing the occurrence of dangerous accidents such as boiler explosion. When choosing water softening equipment, you should choose a suitable water softening equipment that suits your needs according to the hardness of the raw water.

Selection of resin used in boiler softening equipment

At present, in the field of water treatment, water softening equipment is realized through the substitution effect of resin, and some issues need to be paid attention to in the selection of resin.

  1. Water softening equipment resins usually choose strong acid type cation resins, but there is a misunderstanding in this understanding. In fact, anion resins can also be used as resins for water softening equipment. However, considering some issues such as cost, most of them choose cation resins. .
  2. economical and practical resin, soft water equipment with less stringent requirements for softened water quality, domestic resin can be used, and Glory 001*7 type is a good choice.
  3. Customers who have strict requirements on boiler water softening equipment can choose brand resins such as Polelite resin, Rohm and Haas resin, and Dow resin.
  4. the amount of resin in the water softening equipment is generally used in accordance with 60-80% of the tank body. The resin should not be too small, and of course it is not as good as more.
  5. water softening equipment should pay attention to the regeneration and maintenance of softening resin, generally through industrial salt for regeneration.
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