What are the temperature requirements for ion exchange resins?

All kinds of resins have a certain heat resistance, and there is a certain limit to the temperature in use. If it is too high or too low, it will seriously affect the mechanical strength and exchange capacity of the resin. When the temperature is too low, such as less than or equal to 0°C, the resin is easy to freeze, which reduces the mechanical strength and the particles are broken, thereby affecting the service life of the resin and reducing the exchange capacity; if the temperature is too high, it will cause thermal decomposition of the resin and affect the exchange capacity of the resin and service life.

Various heat resistance properties shall be determined by qualification tests. But in general, cation resins have better heat resistance than anion resins. The salt type resin is better than the H type or OH type, and the salt type is based on the Na type. It should be known that the heat resistance is better than that of the strong alkali. Therefore, when the resin is used, the water temperature must be strictly controlled.

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