How to improve reverse osmosis desalination rate

In addition to cleaning reverse osmosis, are there other ways to increase the desalination rate (which can reduce the recovery rate) can artificially reduce the recovery rate to increase the desalination rate?

  1. When conditions permit, the inlet water pressure can be appropriately increased to increase the desalination rate.
  2. Artificially reducing the recovery rate can also increase the desalination rate
  3. Increasing the operating pressure can appropriately increase the desalination rate of the system, but under certain conditions, it is not necessary to increase the operating pressure under all conditions to achieve this purpose. When the current operating state of the system is already standard (rated water inflow), then it is not necessary nor This method is advocated. Everyone knows that the operating pressure is actually related to the performance of the membrane. If the pressure of the reverse osmosis membrane is too low, the effect is equivalent to nanofiltration. And when the system is not polluted At that time, its inlet pressure is related to factors such as water temperature, PH, salt content, etc., and most of the inlet pressures of general industrial brackish water systems are about 10-15 kg.
5000ppm TDS brackish water

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