How to properly disinfect sewage treatment equipment?

Whether it is urban domestic sewage or industrial production sewage, it contains a large number of bacteria and microorganisms, which are difficult to treat and degrade. Sewage treatment equipment is often used to improve sewage discharge requirements. However, the disinfection process is inseparable from the operation of sewage treatment equipment. Today, I will introduce to you the disinfection method of sewage treatment equipment.

  1. Disinfection is generally required before sewage is discharged. The choice of disinfectant can be determined according to the production requirements of the manufacturer.
  2. The amount of chlorine added to sewage is generally about 5-10mg/L, and that of hospital sewage is about 20-30mg/L.
  3. The hydraulic retention time of the disinfection tank is generally 30 minutes for domestic sewage.
  4. The disinfection tank should be set up in different compartments to ensure that the disinfectant is in full contact with the sewage.
  5. If the sewage discharge outlet has residual chlorine control requirements, dechlorination equipment can be set up.

When we choose disinfectants and disinfection methods, we should choose them according to the different properties of various types of sewage, and generally they can achieve better disinfection effects. It is suggested that all sewage treatment enterprises can make a practical start, and new and old customers are also welcome to come to consult.

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