How to maintain reverse osmosis equipment in winter?

In various industries, equipment has its own maintenance methods, and reverse osmosis equipment is no exception. Reverse osmosis equipment needs more attention in winter, especially in high latitude areas, where the temperature will be lower and the raw water temperature will be lower. There will be situations where the water output is low and the water production does not meet the standard. If the operation is not correct, it will cause damage to the reverse osmosis equipment. Generally, customers in high latitude areas will teach customers how to maintain the equipment systematically after we install the equipment.

If the temperature is too low in winter, it will cause the pipeline to freeze and crack. Generally, we recommend that customers heat the equipment if necessary. If the temperature of the raw water is very low, the raw water needs to be heated.

For heating the house, for example, using stoves or heating, electric heaters can also be used. If the reverse osmosis equipment does not operate in winter, the water in the equipment must be discharged, and the reverse osmosis membrane should be removed and placed indoors to prevent damage due to icing. The reverse osmosis membrane causes damage.

Raw water pipeline heating, we generally require customers to build the water source together with the factory building, so that there will be no secondary pollution caused by long pipelines and poor heating in winter that affect production.

In winter, if the water inlet pipe freezes and cannot supply water or the water supply is small, it is not allowed to open the reverse osmosis equipment forcibly. This will damage the raw water pump and the reverse osmosis membrane. The water inlet requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane element must be complied with. Blind pressurization. Generally, after the installation of the equipment sold by our company is completed, the installer will conduct systematic training. During the training process, two people must be present at the same time to conduct the training.

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