How to choose water softener and boiler softening water equipment?

Softening equipment selection instructions

  1. Controller: Fully adopts American FLECK, AUTOTROL Atuzu automatic control valve, AQUAMATICYAKE
  2. Resin tank: available: domestic RFP tank, metal lined plastic tank (PE lined)
    Imported (Stello) RFP tank
  3. Equipment operation control form:
    L-flow type: automatic recovery when the prepared water volume reaches the set value, which can be applied to the preparation of soft water in all water supply systems.
    S-time type: The time is used as the control regeneration metering method, which is suitable for the water supply of the system with stable water consumption. The shortest restoration and regeneration period is 24 hours.
  4. Optional equipment combinations:
    ⑴—Single control and single bed: during the restoration period, stop the water supply for 2 hours or continue to supply raw water (hard water bypass).
    ⑵—Single-control twin bed: Alternate water supply, one for use and one for backup.
    ⑶—Double-control twin bed: Alternate water supply, one for use and one for backup.
    ⑷—Double-control twin beds: supply water at the same time and regenerate alternately.
    ⑸—Multi-control and several beds: more than three resin tanks are used in parallel, suitable for large-scale water supply systems.

How to choose a softener suitable for system equipment requirements?

  1. First of all, you need to provide the system that needs to use softened water: process water? heating? Cooling water? steamer? Steel smelting industry? Chemical and pharmaceutical industry?
  2. System water consumption time: clear running time/hour water consumption/average/peak flow/
    Does the user need continuous water supply? If required, choose a single-valve double-tank or double-control twin-bed series, otherwise a single-valve single-tank system.
  3. Total hardness of source water? : The water source is municipal tap water? groundwater? For surface water sources (river, river, lake water), you need to provide the hardness of the raw water in the area of ​​use. For a certain type of water softener, the water hardness is high, and its cycle water production volume must be small, which leads to frequent regeneration. It is not good for the service life of the resin. In order to avoid this situation, the resin volume should be increased, which means choosing an oversized water softener.
    If you do not know the water quality of the water source you are using, you can entrust it to our company’s analysis laboratory, and we will provide free routine water quality analysis.
  4. The required unit flow of soft water (tons/hour). This is determined by the nature and requirements of the user’s equipment, so that a standard model of water softener is selected;
  5. Setting of cycle water production
    After the water softener model is set, the theoretical cycle water production (tons) can be determined according to the hardness of the raw water and the exchange capacity of the resin used.
    Note: The type should be selected according to the hardness value of the raw water being processed. If it is high hardness water (>8mmol/L), it is recommended to increase the first-level selection; when it is more than 12mmol/L, secondary softening or other methods should be used.

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