Catering Drinking Water Equipment: Introduction to the Solution of Hotel Catering Drinking Water System


With the rapid development of human society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more sources of water pollution, the composition of water is becoming more and more complex, the quality of water is getting worse and worse, and there are fewer and fewer drinking water sources. People’s requirements for drinking water are getting higher and higher. Improving water quality is an important issue for all mankind in the 21st century.
For the hotel industry, it is imperative to implement direct drinking water terminal supply. The hotel catering department uses high-quality pure water to soak and wash the food, which can better ensure the hygiene of the catering, thereby improving the taste of the catering, meeting the health requirements of customers, establishing a good reputation, and attracting more customers. The guest rooms use direct drinking water to provide convenience for guests and improve the overall quality of the hotel.

Industry background

As a representative of terminal water production, consumers only need to connect the direct drinking machine to the tap, and they can drink healthy and pure pure water without any pollution, realizing “healthy and good water made by yourself”. The rise of straight drinking machines is inseparable from the environmental background in which they are located.
Global healthy water has become one of the scarcest resources. The World Health Organization announced the top ten killers threatening human health in October last year. Unclean drinking water is among them. The United Nations pointed out that 1.1 billion people around the world lack safe drinking water, and 5 million people die from water-related diseases every year. The pollution of the water environment in my country is also quite serious. The seven major water systems and major lakes are seriously polluted. 90% of the rivers flowing through the cities do not meet the drinking water source standards, and 75% of the lakes are eutrophication.
With the acceleration of human industrial civilization, environmental pollution is also deepening. Reflected in the changes in the history of drinking water, from drinking water from natural rivers and lakes directly to drinking tap water after preliminary filtration, and then to pure water now. Tap water terminal water maker (direct drinking machine) is currently an ideal replacement product. It only needs to install the direct drinking machine on the tap, and it can reach the healthy drinking water standard through a series of procedures such as microporous filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis (RO membrane technology). It is flexible and convenient, and it is ready to drink. The Ministry of Construction pointed out that the direct drinking machine using RO membrane technology will be the safest and healthiest drinking water treatment method in the next 20 years.

Industry development status

The water treatment technology using RO membrane was originally used in the United States for the Navy to go out to sea to purify seawater for drinking, and then used for astronauts to enter space to circulate and purify the water they carry for drinking, and converted to civilian terminal water production equipment since the 80s of the 20th century. The era was also first developed by the United States. At present, the household terminal penetration rate in the United States, Japan and other developed countries has reached more than 70%. Coupled with the market occupation of the quality pipeline water supply, bottled water has been basically replaced.

Benefits of using direct drinking water

  1. Improve hotel service quality
    Make the TDS value of all drinking water in the hotel less than 40 (TDS value represents the pollution index, and the World Health Organization stipulates that the TDS value of drinking water should be less than 40) to improve the quality of hotel services.
  2. Integrate with international standards and upgrade hotel quality
    Direct drinking water has become an indispensable facility in international hotels and domestic high-star hotels, and it is one of the indicators to measure the quality of hotels. In foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, people pay great attention to direct drinking water, and whether meals and beverages are made with direct drinking water.
  3. Pay attention to service details to meet the high-quality needs of customers
    Provide drinking water convenience, so that guests can drink fresh and healthy RO water at any time in the guest room; at the same time, provide higher-quality washing water to meet the high-quality needs of guests.
  4. Water production cost is lower than barreled purified water
    The total cost of five gallons of RO drinking water (including electricity, water, consumables and machine depreciation) is only 0.3 yuan/barrel, which is much lower than barreled purified water (usually 10 yuan/barrel), and the water quality is fresher and healthier . for details, see attached.


  • Adopt imported famous brand reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane, qualified product designated by the American Water Quality Association), and use the most advanced reverse osmosis technology in the world to prepare pure water;
  • Five-stage filtration, comprehensively play the effective role of each filter element, remove the mud, suspended matter, colloid, organic matter, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, heat sources and other harmful substances in the raw water, and only retain water molecules and dissolved oxygen;
  • Imported brand-name silent high-pressure pump is adopted, which has long service life and reliable operation quality;
  • The pretreatment filter element adopts a replaceable method, which can effectively ensure the pretreatment effect, and is convenient to replace, the price of the replacement element is economical, and the water production operation cost is low;

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