Fine chemical pure water equipment technology and characteristics

The effluent quality of the fine chemical pure water equipment is directly related to our daily life, and the requirements for pure water in production are also very high. Fine chemicals attach great importance to quality, such as cosmetics, soaps, etc. These industries are much smaller than other large-scale industries, but they have an important impact on people’s lives. There are three main methods that can be used in fine chemical pure water. EDI technology is the most advanced and environmentally friendly. This article will mainly introduce the process and advantages of fine chemical pure water equipment.

Process description of fine chemical pure water equipment

The pure water used in fine chemicals has been developed for a long time, from the initial distillation method to the latest technology of ion exchange, reverse osmosis and EDI. With the higher and higher requirements for pure water quality in fine chemicals, the resistivity must reach more than 15 trillion. Fine chemical pure water equipment enters the pressure pump from raw water to increase the required pressure, and then enters the four-stage pretreatment system. The four-stage pretreatment system filter removes rust, impurities or visible contaminants. Among them, the softened water system can remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water to reach the soft water standard. The raw water reaches the main engine of the combination of RO and EDI, which can further purify the water to meet the requirements. Finally, after sterilization and deodorization by ultraviolet sterilizer and microporous filter, qualified pure water can be produced.

Fine chemical pure water quality standard

After the raw water is treated by the fine chemical pure water equipment, the quality of the effluent pure water must meet many standards at home and abroad. The resistivity of pure water in fine chemical pure water equipment should not be lower than 15 trillion, and the conductivity of pure water should be greater than 0.5 microseconds. The requirements for ammonia in pure water are less than 0.3 micrograms per milliliter, nitrates less than 0.06 micrograms per milliliter and heavy metals less than 0.5 micrograms per milliliter.

Features of fine chemical pure water equipment

The fine chemical pure water equipment itself is unique in use, so the overall use of stainless steel can prevent corrosion. The overall structure of the equipment is more rigorous and easy to disassemble, and it is easier to update and clean parts. The equipment can run fully automatically, with high efficiency and energy saving, and the operation is simple. The equipment is environmentally friendly and will not produce waste acid, and the water quality is high and stable, which fully meets the pure water standard of the Ministry of Electronics Industry.

The effluent of fine chemical pure water equipment is the basis for the quality of medicines, and it directly determines our physical health. Our company’s equipment adopts the form of reverse osmosis and EDI, which is more environmentally friendly, and the effluent water quality can reach a resistivity of 18.2. The pure water produced by the equipment can meet the pure water standards of the United States and Germany.

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