Technical characteristics of liquid crystal display ultrapure water equipment

The liquid crystal displays that we can see everywhere in our daily life are all using ultra-pure water equipment. As an important component of liquid crystal, its quality also determines people’s visual experience. The pure water produced by the ultrapure water equipment for cleaning the LED/LCD liquid crystal display can remove the dust and some small impurities attached to the surface during the production process of the liquid crystal display.

LCD monitor cleaning ultrapure water equipment features:

  1. High degree of automation, it will stop automatically in case of failure, with automatic protection function.
  2. The degree of integration is high and it is easy to expand. Increasing the number of membranes can increase the processing capacity.
  3. The membrane module is made of composite membrane rolls, showing a higher solute separation rate and permeation rate.
  4. Low energy consumption, high water utilization rate and low operating cost.
  5. Advanced membrane protection system. When the equipment is shut down, the desalinated water can automatically flush out the contaminants on the membrane surface and extend the life of the membrane.
  6. ​​The structure is reasonable and the floor space is small.
  7. The system has no vulnerable parts, no need for extensive maintenance, and long-term effective operation.
  8. The equipment is designed with scale inhibition system for membrane cleaning system.
EDI ultrapure water treatment

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