Discussion on the technical development direction of household water purification products

The birth of the household water purification product industry is due to: on the one hand, water pollution is increasing day by day, and conventional tap water treatment processes have limitations in dealing with micro-polluted water produced by modern industry and agriculture; on the other hand, people’s health impact on drinking water The gradual deepening of understanding. Especially in recent years, this industry has developed rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1,000 domestic and large-scale complete machine manufacturers. For the healthy development of this industry, it is necessary to gradually standardize and clarify the direction of technological development.

Water purification products are to solve the problem of water pollution, that is, to provide people with high-quality drinking water. The author believes that the main direction of current technological development should be:

  1. How to more thoroughly remove the substances harmful to the human body in the water, while retaining the substances beneficial to the human body;
  2. How to minimize or eliminate the secondary pollution problem of products;
  3. How to minimize leakage;
  4. Reduce product manufacturing and maintenance costs as much as possible, so that the majority of ordinary consumers can benefit from it.

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