Detailed introduction to the principle of filtration technology of reverse osmosis equipment

General reverse osmosis equipment is mainly composed of three parts, including a two-stage RO device, an intermediate water tank and a unique cleaning system. It uses the internationally leading RO reverse osmosis filtration technology to remove dissolved salts in the water to a certain extent. , Suspended particles, insoluble colloids and some bacteria, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of separation and purification. Because our reverse osmosis equipment has the advantages of convenient operation and simple use, it is deeply loved by new and old users.

Reverse osmosis equipment filtration technology principle

The principle of reverse osmosis, as the name suggests, works according to its reverse osmosis mechanism, filtering the tiny molecules and ions in the water out of the membrane, so that the produced water meets the standards required by users. Various types of water filtration systems have been widely used in industrial production, and the commonly used industrial pure water systems are designed by reverse osmosis technology, collectively referred to as reverse osmosis equipment. However, there are not only reverse osmosis equipment in the entire water treatment system. The pre-treatment equipment in the entire pure water system includes multi-media filters, ion exchange, various types of precision filtration equipment, etc., these pretreatment equipment can effectively remove Rotating objects in the water. Industrial pure water system reverse osmosis equipment can be divided into first and second grades. According to the different needs of users, different grades of processes are used to make the quality of the produced water reach the standard. Of course, the price is also determined by the configuration of the reverse osmosis equipment. As a new type of pure physical desalination process, reverse osmosis is restricted by its membrane element filtration principle and structural desalination mechanism. When the water source with high organic content in the entire pure water system is used as RO influent, in order to control RO microbial pollution, the pretreatment system often adds oxidizing fungicides (such as sodium hypochlorite) to control the growth of microorganisms. Afterwards, a reducing agent is added to reduce the excess oxidant (residual chlorine) in the water entering the RO to eliminate the oxidation of the reverse osmosis membrane element by the oxidizing water.

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