Common fault solutions of pure water machine

1. The high-pressure pump does not start and cannot make water

  • Check whether there is a power failure and whether the plug is plugged in properly
  • Check whether the low-voltage switch is out of order and cannot be connected to the power
  • Check whether the high pressure switch or water level controller fails and cannot be reset
  • Check whether the transformer and fuse are burnt

2. The high-pressure pump works normally but cannot make water

  • Loss of pressure in high pressure pump
  • The pre-filter is blocked (there is no pure water or waste water or the waste water is small)
  • The check valve is blocked (with waste water, no pure water)
  • The solenoid valve fails and cannot be opened effectively.
  • Is the RO membrane blocked

3. The high-pressure pump does not stop

  • The pressure of the high-pressure pump is insufficient and cannot reach the set pressure
  • The check valve is blocked, and pure water does not come out (there is waste water but no pure water)
  • The high-voltage switch fails and cannot take off
  • The solenoid valve fails and cannot be opened effectively

4. The high-pressure pump stops but the waste water does not stop

  • The solenoid valve fails and the water cannot be effectively cut off(Inspection method: close the pressure tank ball valve, if there is still waste water, it can be concluded that the solenoid valve is out of order)
  • There is another situation, close the water inlet solenoid valve and then open it. If the machine is normal, it is judged that the water pressure is too high, causing the solenoid valve to be unable to close flexibly, then consider adjusting the water inlet valve to reduce the water pressure)
  • Check valve pressure relief, (wastewater is very small) (check method: close the water inlet solenoid valve, if there is still waste water, it can be concluded that the check valve pressure relief)

5. The machine jumps repeatedly after the water is full

  • Insufficient raw water pressure
  • Check valve pressure relief
  • High voltage switch failure
  • The system has a pressure relief phenomenon

6. The pressure tank is full but pure water cannot flow out

  • Relief from pressure barrel
  • Rear activated carbon plugging
  • Whether the pressure barrel ball valve is damaged

7. Insufficient pure water flow

  • The pre-filter is blocked
  • Insufficient high pressure pump pressure
  • RO membrane clogging
  • The waste water ratio is out of balance or the flush switch is not closed tightly

8. The ratio of pure water and wastewater is seriously out of balance

  • Check the flush solenoid valve for damage
  • Check whether the waste water scaler is blocked or too conductive
  • Check if the RO membrane is blocked or the removal rate is severely reduced

9. the machine keeps flushing

  • The waste water ratio fails or the flush is not tight at the beginning

10. Loud noise

  • Check whether the raw water pipeline is cut off, which causes the booster pump to run idly, resulting in the high noise of the pure water machine
  • Check whether the raw water is normal, if it is water supply without a tower, whether there is gas in the water
  • Check whether the booster pump is faulty, the vibration is too large, there is friction sound, etc.
  • Check whether the water purifier is placed firmly
  • Check if the water pipe is too long, the vibration of the pump makes the water pipe hit the casing
  • Check if the hot water is boiling causing too much noise
  • Check if the compressor is normal

11. water leakage

  • Check the water circuit of the water purifier and find the leaking point
  • Check whether Xiao Unicom is leaking
  • Check the water dispenser for leaks
  • If the leak is very small and it is not easy to check, it can be used for dry facial tissue test

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