Chiwatec pretreatment system-filter equipment introduction

Filter application scope:

  1. Applicable to steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, textile, paper, food, agriculture, urban water supply, wastewater regeneration and other fields;
  2. It can filter various water sources: river water, reservoir water, well water, and underground water sources to remove sand, algae, bacteria, organic matter, etc.;
  3. It can filter circulating water in chemical, power plant, paper, food, textile and other industries, and can also filter municipal engineering wastewater;
  4. Used in equipment that has certain requirements for water quality, such as water pumps, solenoid valves, ion exchangers, heat exchangers, etc. or on water supply and drainage pipelines, it can filter out impurities in the water and avoid clogging of pipelines, nozzles and other parts;
  5. Can be used for cooling water, cooling towers, air conditioning systems, supplementary water systems, and gravity flow systems;
  6. It can be used for agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, parks, turf irrigation, etc.
pure water for drinking RO

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