Chiwatec industrial reverse osmosis membrane separation technology characteristics introduction

The characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane separation technology are as follows:

  1. Under the condition of no phase change at room temperature, it can separate solute and water, which is suitable for the separation and concentration of heat sensitive substances, and it has lower energy consumption compared with the separation method with phase change.
  2. A wide range of impurity removal, not only can remove dissolved inorganic salts, but also can remove various organic impurities.
  3. High salt removal rate and water reuse rate, which can intercept solutes with a particle size of several nanometers or more.
  4. Since pressure is only used as the driving force for membrane separation, the separation device is simple and easy to operate and maintain.
  5. Since the reverse osmosis device needs to operate under high pressure, it must be equipped with a high-pressure pump and high-pressure-resistant pipelines.
  6. The reverse osmosis device requires the inlet water to reach a certain index before it can operate normally. Therefore, the source water must adopt certain pretreatment measures before entering the reverse osmosis membrane device. In order to extend the service life of the membrane, the membrane must be cleaned regularly to remove dirt.
RO membrane 8inch BW30-400

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