The reverse osmosis technology used in the brackish water desalination device means that when the chloride in the drinking water exceeds a certain range (national standard 250mg/L), it is regarded as brackish water. Since the chloride is not used for other substances, it can be used It is removed by a certain filter material, and the chloride removal process is generally treated by reverse osmosis technology, which is a water treatment technology developed in recent years, and is especially suitable for the treatment of chloride in water and the desalination of brackish water. The device uses this latest reverse osmosis technology. The brackish water desalination device can be individually designed according to the actual needs of users, and adopts more advanced back pressure technology, which can save users a lot of operating costs and equipment and technical costs.

Features of standard equipment:

  • Stainless steel outer surface;
  • Activated carbon, automatic control valve and program
  • Safe cartridge-shaped film;
  • Automatic flow system;
  • Spiral water inlet valve;
  • Low pressure switch under the high pressure suction pump;
  • Vertical high-pressure centrifugal pump 750V/1PH/50HZ
  • Electronic control board with microcontroller and digital operation
  • Flow meter for water penetration and concentration flow control;
  • High-quality diaphragms have
  • High flow conductivity;
  • Pressure indicator for incoming water and brine.
Municipal Water Desalination 2TPH

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