Analyze the technical principles of seawater desalination equipment

At present, we are gradually facing the danger of water shortage. Effectively solving the reuse of water resources has become the primary concern of the society. We all know that seawater is a water resource that can be reused, but the salt content of seawater is too high to be directly used. Therefore, seawater desalination equipment that can effectively desalinate seawater has emerged, effectively solving the problem of water shortage.

Desalination equipment

At present, reverse osmosis system has become the core component of seawater desalination technology, and MSF and LT-MED are also the mainstream of this technology, which are used in some large-scale equipment. Among them, the MSF method has evolved into a relatively mature processing technology after more than 30 years of development and improvement. Its system operation is very stable and the security is very high. The main feature of the LT-MED method is that it uses a horizontal tube falling film evaporator, which is connected in series and divided into many effect groups, and then a certain amount of steam is input, and a large amount of distilled water will be obtained by evaporating and condensing many times. , The amount of distilled water is much more than the amount of heated steam. Most of the water treated by this method is used for boiler make-up water, or some process production water and large-scale municipal drinking water. The reverse osmosis method, which is a kind of seawater desalination treatment method, is a relatively widely used method. It can not only be used for the desalination of seawater and brackish water, but also can be widely used for the preparation of ultrapure water or pure water. The reverse osmosis membrane is mainly used to separate and treat water. This treatment method can also be used for industrial water treatment or wastewater treatment.

RO Purification Water Treatment

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