Advantages of reverse osmosis

  • Advantages of reverse osmosis:
  • Continuous operation, stable product water quality
  • No need to use acid and alkali regeneration
  • No downtime due to regeneration
  • Save water for backflushing and cleaning
  • Produce ultrapure water with high yield (the yield can be as high as 95%)
  • No reclaimed sewage, no sewage treatment facilities
  • No need for acid-base storage and acid-base dilution transportation facilities
  • Reduce the building area of the workshop
  • Safe and reliable to use, avoiding workers’ exposure to acid and alkali
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple installation and low installation cost

Overview of reverse osmosis (RO) pure water device

Reverse osmosis equipment applies membrane separation technology and uses reverse osmosis principles to effectively remove charged ions, inorganic substances, colloidal particles, bacteria and organic substances in water. It is the best equipment for high-purity water preparation, brackish water desalination and wastewater treatment processes. It is widely used in electronics, medicine, food, textile, chemical, environmental protection and other fields. The use of reverse osmosis composite membrane imported from the United States is characterized by low energy consumption, no pollution, stable operation, low operating pressure, and high freshwater recovery rate.

RO Machine with high salt rejection

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