What rules need to be met when using chemical cleaning chemicals?

  1. For the selected special chemical agents, first ensure that they have been certified by the chemical supplier and meet the requirements for membrane elements. The instructions and suggestions of the pharmaceutical supplier should not conflict with the cleaning parameters and the limited chemical reagents recommended in this technical manual of the membrane element company.
  2. If the specified chemical agent is being used, it must be confirmed that it has been listed in the technical manual of the membrane element company and meets the requirements of the membrane element company.
  3. There are many factors that affect the cleaning effect. A combined method should be used to complete the cleaning work, including suitable cleaning pH, temperature and contact time. This will help enhance the cleaning effect.
  4. Cleaning should be carried out at the recommended optimum temperature. At the same time, the number of contacts between the chemical agent and the membrane element should be reduced as much as possible in order to achieve the best cleaning efficiency and prolong the life of the membrane element.
  5. The pH range of the cleaning solution should be carefully controlled to extend the service life of membrane elements. The conservative pH range is 4-10, and the maximum allowed pH range is 2-12.
  6. Typically, the most effective cleaning method is to clean from a low pH to a high pH solution; the cleaning of oil-contaminated membrane elements cannot start from a low pH value, because the oil will solidify at low pH.
  7. When cleaning a multi-stage reverse osmosis device, the most effective cleaning method is segmented cleaning, which can control the optimal cleaning flow rate and cleaning solution concentration to avoid the blockage of the membrane elements in the back stage by the pollutants in the front stage.
  8. If the system has been biologically contaminated, consider adding a biocide chemical cleaning step after cleaning. The disinfectant must be able to be carried out immediately after cleaning, or it can be carried out regularly during operation (such as once a week) to continuously add a certain dose. It must be confirmed that the biocide used is compatible with the membrane element, does not bring any risk of harm to human health, and can effectively control biological activity with low cost.
  9. For safety reasons, ensure that all hoses and pipelines can withstand the cleaning temperature, pressure and pH conditions during cleaning;
  10. To ensure safety, when dissolving chemicals, remember to slowly add the chemicals into sufficient water and stir at the same time;
  11. For safety reasons, acids cannot be mixed with caustic (corrosive) substances. Before using the next solution, thoroughly rinse the remaining chemical cleaning solution from the RO system.
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