What harm does water pollution cause?

Listed below are the main substances that cause water pollution, their sources, and what are their hazards?

1. Dead organic matter:

Examples of sources: Untreated municipal sewage, paper mill effluent, agricultural effluent, municipal waste.


  1. Consume dissolved oxygen in water and endanger the survival of fish.
  2. leading to the lack of oxygen in the water, resulting in the death of microorganisms that need oxygen. It is these aerobic microorganisms that can decompose organic matter and maintain the self-purification ability of rivers and streams. The consequences of their death are: rivers and streams turn black, become smelly, accumulate toxins, and harm people and animals.

2. Organic and inorganic chemicals:

Examples of sources: chemical industry, discharge from pharmaceutical factories, papermaking and tannery wastewater, building decoration, dry cleaning industry, chemical lotion, agricultural pesticides, herbicides.


  1. Most of the organic chemicals are toxic. When they enter rivers and lakes, they will poison or kill aquatic organisms and cause ecological damage.
  2. Some organic chemicals will accumulate in the body of aquatic organisms, causing people to be poisoned after ingestion.
  3. It is difficult to purify water polluted by organic chemicals, and human drinking water safety and health are threatened.

3. Petrochemical detergent

Example source: Dishwashing detergents used extensively in homes and restaurants


Most detergents are petrochemical products, which are difficult to degrade. Discharging into rivers will not only seriously pollute the water body, but also accumulate in aquatic products, and people will be poisoned after eating them.

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