What are the advantages of ozone water treatment and disinfection system?

The traditional chlorine and bleaching powder disinfection methods in swimming pool water treatment have low cost but poor purification effect and drug residues, which are not good for human health. The sterilization effect of ozone is 600-3000 times that of chlorine. It can not change the water for a long time, just purify and replenish the water, which can save a lot of water resources. With the improvement of living standards, human beings pursue a high-quality green living environment and health and longevity, and it is inevitable to use ozone treatment and purification devices to transform the water quality of swimming pools.

The advantages of ozone water treatment and disinfection system:

  1. Can quickly and efficiently kill most of the bacteria, viruses, spores, spores, algae, etc. in the water, and effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It can also prevent the accumulation of special odor compounds including swimmer excrement and organic matter in the water, so that the pool water is pure and hygienic and can meet the drinking water standard.
  2. Ozone can strongly oxidize and decompose iron, manganese, silver and other ions in water, as well as various organic residues and detergents, decolorize and deodorize, optimize water quality, and make crystal clear and natural and beautiful blue.
  3. Ozone sterilization is green and environmentally friendly, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment, will not corrode swimming pool facilities, and will not produce harmful substances to swimmers and staff.
  4. Ozone can ensure the stability of water quality in high temperature seasons without adding other chemicals.
  5. Ozone will be attenuated in water and air, and will not cause discomfort to the human body due to the accumulation of ozone concentration. Instead, it can purify and disinfect indoor air and keep the air fresh.

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