Choose the United States FLECK (Fuleck), AUTOTROL (Atuzu) Kinetico (Concord) automatic softening controller and self-developed multi-valve system control automatic softening water treatment complete set of equipment. The automatic softener has the advantages of convenient operation, cost saving, stable water output and high degree of automation.

US FLECK multi-way valve:

US FLECK multi-way valve: its piston-type valve core is not only superior in hydraulic performance, but also strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The lead-free brass valve body is non-toxic and harmless, and has a long service life. FLECK water softeners are divided into time control type, flow control type, and continuous water softening system type. There are multiple forms such as single valve single tank, single valve double tank, double valve double tank parallel, large multi-valve multi-tank series, etc.

US AUTOTROL multi-way valve:

The sensor flowmeter with the automatic softener placed on the outlet pipe randomly collects the output water volume information and enters it into the computer in time. After storage and calculation, it sends instructions to the multi-way servo valve or solenoid valve for corresponding operating. At the same time, the relevant information is synchronously fed back to the computer. When the system needs to be regenerated, the computer controls the solenoid valve to cut off the outlet pipe passage, and presets the timing mechanism of the program, so that the backwashing-salt absorption-flushing-water injection and other processes can be carried out accurately. . The automatic softener microcomputer can be optimized and preset according to the needs of users. Random display: Periodic setting of water output, remaining water, unit hour water flow, periodic salt consumption, time of each regeneration and current working mode. At any time, the fully automatic operation can be switched to manual regeneration to meet different needs in operation.

Kinetico multi-way valve features:

  1. No power supply is required, which eliminates electrical system failures, power failures, and simplifies installation.
  2. The user is not required to have professional knowledge. It is truly “automatic for fools”. All management is just regular salting.
  3. All are dual tank systems, one for one use and one for preparation, which can continuously discharge water 24 hours a day.
  4. Flow-type control ensures economical and reliable operation.
  5. Countercurrent regeneration, and softened water for regeneration, achieves low salt consumption, low water consumption and high-quality effluent.
  6. Simple maintenance and low failure rate.

The automatic softened water treatment equipment has a processing capacity of 0.5 tons/hour-hundreds of tons/hour.

Hardness Water Softening System

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