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What is Quartz Sand?

Quartz sand, also known as silica or quartz sand. Quartz is the main mineral component, refractory particles with a particle size of 0.020mm-3.350mm. According to the mining and processing methods, it is divided into artificial silica sand, washed sand, scrubbed sand, selected (flotation) sand and other natural silica sand.

Characteristics of quartz sand

Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral. Its main mineral composition is SiO2, hardness 7, brittle without cleavage, conchoidal fracture, grease luster, relative density 2.65, its chemical, thermal and mechanical properties have obvious anisotropy, insoluble in acid, slightly soluble in KOH solution , the melting point is 1750 degrees Celsius. Silica sand has high fire resistance.

The use of quartz sand as a Water Purification Materials

Pure silica quartz sand is used as the filling material for the pretreatment sand filter of reverse osmosis. It removes dirty particles and impurities from raw water. The treated water then enters the RO unit for further purification.

Where to buy quartz sand?

Quartz sand filter is one of the water purification materials widely used in the water treatment industry. The quartz sand filter material produced by our company is made of natural seasonal ore as the raw material, and is processed through mining, crushing, washing, and screening. Its appearance is dense ribbed sphere, pure white, no impurities, high mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, large pollution carrying capacity and long service life. In addition, our company can also provide high-quality natural sea sand and natural filter materials.

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Where to buy quartz sand?

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