Water Purification Materials

Quartz sand filter is one of the water purification materials widely used in the water treatment industry. The quartz sand filter material produced by our company is made of natural seasonal ore as the raw material, and is processed through mining, crushing, washing, and screening. Its appearance is dense ribbed sphere, pure white, no impurities, high mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, large pollution carrying capacity and long service life. In addition, our company can also provide high-quality natural sea sand and natural filter materials.

Silica Quartz 02

Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology is a high-tech enterprise specialized in various water processing devices. Aside from these individual products, which cover a number of types and series, we can also help with related comprehensive engineering projects. Thanks to our hard work and dedication upon our founding, we are now one of the fastest-developing water treatment equipment manufacturers in Western China.

Currently we enjoy an excellent reputation internationally as a supplier of easy-to-install, high-performance machines that require very little maintenance, as well as a provider of unparalleled after-sales services. New products launched each year augment our selection, and keep it fresh and innovative, to ensure you too don’t fall behind. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

CHIWATEC warmly welcomes inquiries from home and abroad, and is ready to establish business relationship on the basis of win-win strategy.

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