Ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter solves the problem of papermaking water

It is well known that paper mills are large consumers of water, and if the water discharged by the paper mills is not treated, it will cause water pollution. It is conceivable how much water will be used and how much harmful water will be discharged from the paper mill of Nuoda in one day. This figure is astonishing.

In the production process of general paper mills, in order to solve the production cost, they will draw water from nearby, such as rivers and lakes. Papermaking has requirements on the purity of water. This is not a problem for the ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter.

The ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter can enter the water inlet of the water source well into the filter body. First, the coarse filter screen filters out the large debris in the water body, and then enters the fine filter screen for processing. Precise filtration, so that you can get a clean water source that meets the needs of papermaking. The ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter itself has low cost, easy operation and simple working principle. It is an economical and effective optional product for similar enterprises.

This new type of ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter has many features such as high filter screen accuracy, large area, small system pressure loss area, etc. It can fully filter suspended particles in the water body. A variety of functions, reducing the degree of damage to the paper machine.

The ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter can not only effectively filter the water sources in rivers and lakes, but also the sewage discharged after papermaking can be recycled and reused. This creates a virtuous circle. The paper mill only needs to introduce a certain water source and filter it through an ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter. The recycled filtration of the discharged sewage not only reduces the demand for water resources, but also protects the water resources. More importantly, it greatly improves the economic benefits of the enterprise. The high automatic intelligence of the ultrasonic two-stage intelligent control differential pressure filter is also a highlight worth mentioning. It not only speeds up the work efficiency, but also reduces the waste of water in the production of filtration.

Technological innovation point

  1. Ultrasonic is applied in the field of water treatment technology for the first time, and has various functions such as mixing, cracking, oxidation, coagulation, sterilization, algae killing, disinfection, removal of COD and oil pollution, and prevention of filter fouling. The filtration precision can reach 2 microns.
  2. Through its own retrieval and response functions, it can realize automatic backwashing, which can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.
  3. The control system is sensitive in response, accurate in operation, and has dual setting functions of differential pressure and time. It can flexibly adjust the setting value of differential pressure or time for backwashing according to different water sources and filtration precision. Shenyang water treatment equipment, Shenyang pure water equipment
  4. The organic combination of ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure backwashing makes the filter cleaning more efficient and thorough, and the filter can be completely restored to its original state, so it can be used for life without replacement.
  5. Backwashing does not interrupt normal water production, continuous operation, stable and reliable.
  6. The duration of backwashing is short, and the water consumption of backwashing is only 0.001~0.002% of the normal water production, saving water, electricity and energy.
  7. The structure design is compact and reasonable, the floor area is small, and the installation and movement are flexible and convenient.
  8. The equipment has few wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, and simple operation and management.
  9. Wide application fields, applicable to different raw water quality and water requirements.

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