Ultrapure water equipment: introduction to the process flow of ultrapure water system

The process flow of the ultrapure water system is as follows:

Raw water → raw water tank → raw water pump → flocculant adding device → dual media filter → activated carbon filter → plate heat exchanger → adding scale inhibitor device → 5μm security filter → primary high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis membrane group → Alkali adding device → secondary high pressure pump → secondary reverse osmosis membrane group → intermediate water tank → intermediate water pump → ultraviolet germicidal lamp → TOC UV lamp → deoxidizing membrane group → EDI device → primary polishing mixed bed → ultrapure water tank → ultrapure water tank Pure water pump → plate heat exchanger → secondary TOC UV lamp → secondary deoxidizing membrane group → booster pump → secondary polishing mixed bed → terminal filter → point of use of ultrapure water.

EDI module CP-3600S unit

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