During the operation of the reverse osmosis water treatment system, due to the complexity of the use conditions, the imperfect system design, the improper configuration of the pretreatment equipment, the inappropriate selection of the water treatment agent, the abnormal fluctuation of the system water source, and the occurrence of the operation process Various problems and other factors may cause the system to malfunction: desalination rate, reduced water production, increased inlet pressure, increased energy consumption per unit of water production, etc. CHIWATEC has used years of accumulated experience in the design and installation of reverse osmosis systems and rich operating experience, and used professional technical analysis methods to analyze and diagnose various faults that occur during the operation of the reverse osmosis water treatment system in detail. And dynamic simulation tests to submit solutions.

1. Historical data analysis

The process of the operation of the reverse osmosis device is the process of generating historical data. In this process, the performance of the reverse osmosis changes, and various factors that may cause the reverse osmosis system to fail are often reflected in these data information. Especially the analysis of the following historical data:

  1. The change of routine analysis data of reverse osmosis device inlet turbidity, SDI and COD;
  2. Inlet pressure of reverse osmosis device, middle section pressure (a first-stage two-stage system), concentrated water pressure, product water pressure;
  3. Reverse osmosis device inlet water conductivity, produced water conductivity, inlet water flow, product water flow, etc .;
  4. Changes in operating parameters (including turbidity, pressure, etc.) of the reverse osmosis pretreatment system;
  5. The problems found in the equipment maintenance process and the means to deal with these problems, etc.

The above data is often inadequate, and more information is needed according to the changes in the scene. After obtaining the above data, it is often necessary to take some professional processing methods (such as standardization) to observe the development trend of the operation and propose solutions.

2. On-site investigation

In the case that the results of historical data analysis cannot be consistent with the actual fault phenomenon, on-site investigation is one of the important means. The investigation items include:

  1. The rationality of the design of the reverse osmosis device body;
  2. The rationality of the design of the reverse osmosis pretreatment system;
  3. Whether the operation procedures are perfect;
  4. Whether the dosing of the reverse osmosis system is normal, whether the added agent is compatible with the system, whether the pretreatment flocculant is compatible with the reverse osmosis additive (scale inhibitor and dispersant, bactericide, reducing agent).
  5. The configuration of the filter element of the reverse osmosis pre-filter (security filter), etc.

The above data is often inadequate, and more information is needed according to changes in the actual situation.

3. Water quality analysis

At the same time as the analysis of the above two contents, further analysis of the source water, reverse osmosis influent and other possible source water quality conditions is required. The main analysis items are: turbidity, SDI, COD, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Sr2 +, Ba2 +, SO42-, alkalinity, silicon, etc. In our central laboratory, all of these water quality analysis items that may cause system failures will be tested one by one; at the same time, the quality and flow rate of water in and out of each membrane shell (reverse osmosis pressure vessel) in the body of the reverse osmosis device Will get a deeper analysis.

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