The characteristics and scope of application of internal pressure hollow fiber ultrafiltration 

1.the characteristics of internal pressure hollow fiber ultrafiltration:

  1. Internal pressure capillary membrane structure, vertical cross turbulent flow filtration, convenient and thorough washing, and the filter element is not easy to be blocked.
  2. The installation and operation are simple, and the clean water mutual flushing method is used to flush thoroughly, the water attenuation rate is low, and the water flux recovers quickly.
  3. The water utilization rate is high, and the recovery rate can reach 95%.
  4. Automatic separation under normal temperature and low pressure, low energy consumption, low operating cost and simple maintenance.

2. The scope of application of internal pressure hollow fiber ultrafiltration:

  1. Pretreatment of reverse osmosis, including desalination of seawater, surface water, and well water.
  2. Pure water, ultra-pure water, EDI post-installation sterilization and removal of sediment particles.
  3. Sterilization, heat removal, colloids, suspended impurities and macromolecular organics in industrial water.
  4. Mineral water, mountain spring water, drinking water purification, and domestic water purification.
  5. Cooling and reuse of condensed water.
  6. Purification and separation of water for medical and electronic processes.
  7. Industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and other reclaimed water reuse treatment.
  8. Concentration, purification and clarification of fermentation, enzyme preparation industry, and pharmaceutical technology.
  9. Deturbidity of liquor, sterilization and deturbidity of fruit wine, wine and rice wine.
  10. The tap water of municipalities, villages, enterprises and institutions, grassroots units, tea houses, hotels, hotels, and coffee houses shall be further treated.
  11. Water purification in aquaculture industry.
Purified UF Water Membrane

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