Environmental pollution has also prompted the emergence of many water treatment equipment, which can produce domestic and industrial water and ensure the quality of its effluent. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment is one of them, which uses extremely precise micropores to trap pollutants. The ultrafiltration membrane plays a vital role in the entire equipment, this article will mainly introduce its cleaning method.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment has outstanding advantages

Water treatment equipment should be said to be widely used. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment is also popular with its unique advantages. Compared with traditional equipment, the ultrafiltration system is simpler, and it occupies a small area and saves investment and has high water quality. It can be used as a pretreatment system for many large complete sets of equipment, and the equipment runs well and is easy to maintain.

Any equipment should be regularly overhauled after a certain period of use, and hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment is no exception. The most important part of the equipment is the ultrafiltration membrane element, which will pollute and block the membrane during the long-term operation of the equipment. Membrane elements can be cleaned by physical methods, including isostatic cleaning, cyclic cleaning and reverse cleaning methods.

When membrane technology is used in water treatment equipment, the cleaning and maintenance of the membrane are closely related to the normal operation of the equipment. If the ultrafiltration membrane element is cleaned chemically, chemical reagents such as acid solution, alkali solution and oxidant can be used. Cleaning the membrane element with acid solution can remove inorganic impurities, while cleaning with alkaline solution can remove organic substances. To remove colloids, algae, etc., oxidant cleaning agents are used.

Water resources, which are the most inseparable in our lives, are increasingly scarce, which requires a lot of advanced technology and equipment to be used in energy conservation. The hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment can be used for seawater desalination, and can also deeply treat domestic sewage so that the water can reach the domestic miscellaneous water standard. As the equipment is widely used in different fields of various industries, its maintenance and cleaning of the ultrafiltration membrane are also extremely important.


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