Reverse osmosis is one of the most advanced water treatment technologies in modern times. Some call it the core of pure water production. Its working principle is that ionic (commonly referred to as salt) water will pass through a semi-permeable membrane and become salt-free fresh water under the pressure greater than its osmotic pressure. The brine is gradually concentrated and becomes concentrated water, which is discharged from the equipment. Generally, reverse osmosis devices are used for seawater desalination, pure water preparation, and the like. Using its principle, it can also be used for separation and recovery occasions such as aqueous solution concentration.

Since our company has introduced a large number of reverse osmosis technologies and components at home and abroad, we provide customers with a large number of reverse osmosis devices. The technology is mature and the service is well received.

At present, our company mainly uses reverse osmosis components produced by Dow and Hyde Energy. According to the different working pressure, reverse osmosis components are divided into ultra-low pressure, low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. According to the salt content in water, the ingredients are divided into seawater type, brackish water type and ordinary type. According to the requirements of water recovery rate, it can be divided into high recovery rate (water production) type and low recovery type. According to the desalination rate, it can be divided into high desalination rate type and low desalination rate type. A common specification is 4 ‘(φL 1000). The pressure-resistant shells (also known as membrane tubes and membrane shells) developed by our company have unique structural characteristics. It is made of 316 stainless steel, polished and spray-coated with plastic. It is pressure-resistant, easy to install, not easy to damage, beautiful and practical.

Desalt Water Pure Filter

As the core of water treatment, reverse osmosis device has high manufacturing cost. However, due to advanced and strict design and fine processing, it can prevent pollution and damage to it, ensure its high quality, high efficiency and long-term operation, greatly reduce the operating cost, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, and save a lot of The operation labor makes the operator have more energy and time to strengthen the monitoring of the system and further improve its operability. Therefore, according to the feedback from our users, the reverse osmosis system designed by our company can run continuously for several years without failure after proper operation and maintenance. The longest membrane element has been in operation for more than six years.

■ Features:

  • High desalination rate;
  • The quality of the produced water is good and it can remove most of the particles, bacteria and organic matter in the water. It is the best choice for preparing ultrapure water and edible pure water.
  • High degree of self-control, no need for semi-automatic transportation operation, convenient and easy maintenance;
  • It greatly reduces the use and discharge of acid and alkali in the process of water production, and is a green product in line with the current environmental protection trend;
  • Our company combines research and application experience with imported technology and imported components. Reasonable design and long service life.

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