Ion exchange technology has a very wide range of applications in the field of water treatment. As a sodium ion exchanger for water softening, it is mainly used for medium and low pressure boiler water treatment. Ion exchange desalination equipment is mainly used for the preparation of pure water and high purity water. Ion exchange equipment is suitable for many industrial sectors such as medicine, chemical industry, electronics, coating, beverage and high-pressure boiler feed water. Compared with the reverse osmosis device introduced in recent years, it has the advantages of thoroughly removing ionic impurities; low pretreatment requirements for water; and low equipment cost. In the preparation of high-purity water, there is currently no alternative equipment for ion exchange technology. When the total salt content of the inlet water is below 400mg/l, the quality of the outlet water is between 1.0-0.2us/cm according to different requirements of users. If the total salt content of the influent is above 500mg/l, it can be combined with an electrodialyzer for desalination, and the quality of the effluent can be improved. Our company produces large, medium and small master-slave exchange equipment. According to the quality of the inlet water and the requirements for the outlet water, it can carry out individual engineering design, auxiliary equipment matching, installation and commissioning, formulation of operating procedures, and training of operators for users. Maintenance service at any time after production, implement lifelong technical guarantee for products.

Working principle of ion exchange soft water equipment:

Automatic water softener is to realize the automatic softening control of each step of softener operation and regeneration, and use time, flow or other sensors to start regeneration. The basic composition of the automatic water softener device is: FLECK or Autotrol multi-channel control valve, resin tank (including 001*7 resin), salt tank and pipeline system.

Features of ion exchange soft water equipment:

  • Automation of water softening process: The equipment realizes the automation of ion exchange and resin regeneration process through program control device.
  • High efficiency: The design of the water softener is reasonable, so that the resin’s effective working exchange capacity can be fully utilized.
  • Labor saving: no need for special operation, easy installation.
  • Non-toxic: The valve body is lead-free brass or engineering plastic.
  • Water saving: water production rate is above 98%.
  • Power saving: due to the siphon principle, no salt pump is needed for regeneration.
  • Easy to adjust: the regeneration cycle and time can be adjusted as needed.
  • Anti-corrosion of tank body: The tank body is made of stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel lining plastic material to avoid resin pollution.
  • Wide applicability: can be used in industrial boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioners, laundry, bathing equipment, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries.

Technical parameters of ion exchange water softening equipment:

  • Raw water hardness: 3-12mmol/L
  • Residual water hardness: ≤0.03mmol/L
  • Working pressure: 0.2-0.6Mpa
  • Working temperature: 2-50℃
  • Tank pressure: ≤0.8Mpa
  • automatic control power supply: 220V 50HZ
  • Power consumption: 10W
  • resin model: 001×7 strong acid cation exchange resin.
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