Selection requirements and application scope of reverse osmosis equipment

Selection requirements

Before adopting the reverse osmosis device, the user should provide the raw water quality analysis report. The designers of our center can help the user determine the raw water pretreatment plan according to the user’s water quality, so as to select the reverse osmosis equipment reasonably and ensure the long-term and stable normal operation of the reverse osmosis.

Application scope

  1. Preparation of space water, purified water, distilled water, etc.;
  2. Alcohol manufacturing and degrading water;
  3. Preliminary preparation of water for industries such as medicine and electronics;
  4. Concentration, separation, purification and water distribution preparation of chemical processes;
  5. Desalination and softening of boiler feed water;
  6. Desalination of sea water and brackish water;
  7. Water and wastewater treatment in papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing industries.
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