Productivity of automatic water softening equipment

1. High degree of automation

The automatic water softener automatically completes the cycle process of softening and regeneration according to the preset program. It does not require any manual operation except for the manual periodic addition of regeneration salt during operation, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources and avoids human error The undesirable consequences.

2. Stable water quality

The automatic water softener has a high-performance resin and a scientific water distribution system in the resin tank, so that the calcium and magnesium ions in the water can quickly exchange with the resin, and there is no possibility of “penetrating” the resin layer, ensuring the quality of the water.

3. The automatic water softening device operates reliably and has a long service life. The special composite material is corrosion-resistant and anti-aging, which significantly extends the service life.

Application scope

It can be widely used in industrial, civil and commercial fields that need to prepare softened water, such as boiler feed water, cooling circulating water, chemical industry, steel smelter, textile printing and dyeing water, laundry water treatment, food processing water, and pure water equipment pretreatment devices .

Pentair Water Softener Tank

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