5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer

5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer

Product name:ozone generator
Application:water sterilization
Cooling method:air cooling
Technical:IGBT technique
Power supply:140W
Air source:air or oxygen
Weight:11KG, 11KG
Warranty:1 year
After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Free spare parts, Online support



1. Brief introduction of 5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer

5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer at flow rate of 5G/H. It is effective for swimming pool sterilization or RO product water sterilization. IGBT technique (from Germany Infineon Technologies AG) is adopted in this series of ozone generators. Ozone is generated by corona discharge, and the discharge chamber is composed of de-hydroxyl tube-form generators. Particular anti-backwater design makes it service life much longer than that of ordinary factories. Modular design is adopted in electrical circuit. Dielectric element, pipeline and fastening for conveying ozone are all ozone-resistant to ensure long service life, enough corona density, low temperature, and much higher ozone concentration.

2. Main parts for 5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer

Generator unit (electric board, high-pressure generating unit and the discharging unit), stainless steel cover, 65L air compressor (some products may have not 65L air compressor), current meter, Taiwan 150 blower, connecting pipes, ozone adjustment unit and indicating lamps etc.

3. Application for 5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer

  1. Swimming pool;
  2. Refrigeratordisinfection;
  3. Medicine, food procession production-line sterilization and oxygenation;
  4. Food equipment, production water, bathroom disinfection;
  5. Prevent mildew and keep fresh on egg, fruits, vegetable, and food.

4. Major advantage 

  1.  Patented dehydroxylation quartz structure
  2. Contentiously adjustable Ozone output;
  3. Air cooling;
  4. Stainless steel casing;
  5. Long life discharge cell, continuous running;
  6. Two type gas source: compressed air or oxygen;
  7. 60L/Min air-pump integrated
  8. Option for built in drying and heating system

5. Technical parameter for 5G Ozone Generator Sterilizer

Ozone output (g/h)when the oxygen is inputted351015
Ozone output (g/h)when the dry air is inputted2.53.579
Cooling typeAir cooling
Max. ozone density (g/m33)Oxygen source: 25-50    dry air source: 5-15
Length *Width * Height mm350×250×520350×250×580350×250×630
Weight kg11121313
Power W140160180200
Max. Operation Current≤0.3 A≤0.35 A≤0.45 A≤0.55 A
Interface Dimensionφ6.5mm, you can also select the φ5.8 * 8mm ozone-proof rubber hose attached with the machine.
Power supply220V 50HZ(for China)  110V 50-60HZ (Area/country except China)
Air sourceUsing the oxygen (cylinder gas or oxygen generator) air source; or using the clean dry air source to the ozone generator, but the pressure must be ≤0.2MPa(≤2kgf/cm²); when using the oxygen gas source, the medical oxygen gas regulator must be used; when inputting the compressed air from outside, it requires to meet the requirements of pressure, when not meeting the requirement, the pressure regulator must be installed.

6. External appearance:


1Switch for air pump (if eligible pressure compressed gas source is supplied from outside, there may not be air pump integrated)9Oxygen inlet  Φ6.5mm   Ozone-resisting soft ductΦ5mm*8mm along with equipment delivery is for choice
2Power switch for whole equipment10Power line
3Ozone regulating turn-button11Fuse tray 5A fuse
4Ammeter12Fan fence net  Regular maintenance: clean once every 1-3 months
5Ozone working indicating light13Certificate on delivery
6Air pump working indicating light14Equipment code (some are printed on external shell) Every equipment has the unique code, which has been recorded by our company before delivery. Properly keep the code; it is necessary for warranty and repair service.
7Air outlet  Φ6.5mm   Ozone-resisting soft ductΦ5mm*8mm along with equipment delivery is for choice
8Ozone outlet   Φ6.5mm   Ozone-resisting soft ductΦ5mm*8mm along with equipment delivery is for choice15Table of technical parameters

7. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

8. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

9. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

10. Finished projects:

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