Working principle of frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment

Overview of frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment:

The automatic water supply equipment is divided into: automatic frequency conversion water supply equipment, automatic constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment, automatic non-negative pressure water supply equipment, automatic towerless water supply equipment, etc. Fully automatic frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply equipment is an ideal energy-saving water supply equipment, with good energy-saving effect, compact structure, small footprint, stable and reliable operation, long service life, flexible scheme design, adjustable water supply pressure, and large flow rate. It can be small and can completely replace water towers, high-level water tanks and various air pressure water supply equipment, and can completely avoid secondary pollution of water quality. The automatic frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply equipment is also used to transform the original old-fashioned pump room equipment. After the transformation, it can also achieve the purpose of high efficiency, energy saving and automatic constant pressure water supply.

The principle of variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment:

The automatic water supply equipment automatically adjusts the number of running pumps and the speed of one pump according to the change of the user’s water consumption, so that the outlet pressure of the pump remains constant. When the user’s water consumption is less than the water output of a water pump, the control system has a water pump to adjust the operation according to the change of water consumption. When the water consumption increases, the pressure in the pipeline system drops, and the pressure sensor transmits the detected signal to the computer control. The unit, judged by the operation of the microcomputer, sends a command to the frequency converter to control the pump motor, so that the speed of the pump is increased to ensure a constant system pressure. When the water consumption is greater than the water output of one pump, the first pump switches to power frequency operation, and the second pump starts to operate with variable frequency adjustment. When the water consumption is greater than the water output of two pumps, one or two pumps will automatically stop running . In the whole operation process, the constant pressure of the system is always kept unchanged, so that the pump always works in the high-efficiency area, which not only ensures the user’s constant pressure water supply, but also saves electricity.

Features of frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment:

  • Energy efficient:
    The automatic frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment can automatically detect the actual water consumption and use pressure of the user, and adjust the speed (power consumption) of the motor, so that the equipment is always in a high-efficiency working state.
  • The pressure of the water supply network is stable:
    The fully automatic frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment is automatically closed-loop controlled by a microcomputer, which can restore the changed pressure to normal within 0.5 seconds, and the pressure adjustment accuracy is ±5% of the set value.
  • Small footprint, less investment, and short installation period:
    Compared with other old-fashioned water supply equipment, the automatic frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply equipment saves 3~16 times of land, and saves 15%~60% of investment than building a water tower. The equipment is small in size, easy to assemble, install and debug, and has a short construction period for transportation and installation.
  • Full protection function, safe and reliable operation, easy to operate:
    The main engine of the automatic variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment adopts imported variable frequency governor, which has its own protection functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit, overheating, stall prevention, etc., and it can be used for more than 100,000 hours without failure. The power distribution control part of the equipment adopts the intelligent control principle, which is convenient and practical to operate, and the working status of the equipment is clear at a glance, which is convenient for non-professionals to master it quickly.
  • The water supply function is complete and the insurance factor is high:
    When the automatic frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment fails locally, the emergency function can be activated to continue the water supply. The Yangtze River equipment can be automatically connected to the municipal water supply network and has a dual constant pressure function, which can meet the normal pressure and flow of domestic and production water, and can automatically convert to high-pressure and large-flow water supply in the event of a fire. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. .

Scope of application of variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment:

The water supply pressure of the automatic frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment is 0.15~2.0MP, the water supply height is 10-200 meters, and the water supply per hour of a single set of equipment is 10~50000m3/h. It can be used for the matching transformation of large, medium and small tap water; it can be used in enterprises and institutions Production, living and office water in units, residential areas and rural areas.

  • Residential areas, residential buildings, villages and towns centralized water supply system.
  • Circulating pumps and cooling water supply systems for various types of central air conditioners.
  • High-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants and other domestic water supply systems.
  • Integrated market, office building, commercial building domestic water supply system.
  • High-rise building hot water supply and hot water heating system and fire water supply system.

Automatic water supply equipment is a new type of towerless water supply equipment, which consists of three major parts: pump unit control equipment and booster and voltage stabilizer equipment. The water supply capacity is determined by the pump unit, and the coordinated operation of the system is controlled by the control system. The main function of the booster and voltage stabilizer equipment is to store energy and maintain pressure, cope with a small amount of water supply and normal pipeline leakage, and is also an indispensable part of automatic control. When a large amount of water is used, the pressure of the pipe network drops, and the water pump automatically starts to supply water. Automatic water supply equipment can be divided into pneumatic automatic water supply equipment and variable frequency adjustment constant pressure water supply equipment according to different working methods, each with its own characteristics. It is widely used in various fields such as life, fire protection, production, spraying, etc.

The water pump is the foundation of the water supply equipment and the fundamental guarantee for the water supply equipment to show its water supply capacity. The water pump matched with the water supply equipment is universal, and can be pumps with various flow rates and lifts. According to the needs of flow and head, the product can run 1~4 or more pumps in parallel. , to provide efficiency and further reduce energy. According to the different working methods of the equipment, it can be divided into living type, fire fighting type, spraying type and living fire fighting common type.

Selection basis of variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment:

The basic basis for choosing a set of automatic water supply equipment is the designed water supply flow and water supply pressure (water head), and the type of flow change of the purpose should also be considered.

Continuous type: When there is rarely zero flow in a day, or the normal leakage of the pipe network itself maintains a certain flow, for example, the pressurized system of large hotels, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Intermittent type: The trough time of water consumption is long and the flow rate is small or zero, for example: small office buildings, office buildings, commercial and residential buildings, various residential buildings, and production water, etc. At the same time, the flow rate during a certain period of water supply should also be considered. Changes, as well as changes in flow in different seasons, different water use in different regions and many other factors.

Fire-fighting water supply equipment and sprinkler water supply equipment should generally choose pneumatic water supply equipment, because it is in a system pressure-holding state for a long time, and there is no change in flow rate. Pump, usually do not need to start the main pump, saving energy. Domestic water supply equipment can choose variable frequency water supply equipment or pneumatic water supply equipment, both of which have their own advantages.

The advantages of frequency conversion water supply equipment: it can supply water with constant pressure and the constant pressure value can be adjusted within a certain range. The constant pressure accuracy is generally less than 0.02MPa, and the frequency conversion speed regulation is a method of high efficiency and energy saving. Compared with ordinary air pressure water supply equipment, the average energy saving is 20%, in addition, the inrush current of variable frequency startup is small and the impact of the pump is also small, and the noise is small when running at low speed. Advantages of pneumatic water supply equipment: relatively low cost, simple control system technology, convenient service and easy maintenance.

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