Main features and process of self-cleaning iron and manganese removal filter

Groundwater contains excessive low-priced iron, manganese ions and hydrogen sulfide and other substances. When groundwater with excessive iron and manganese is used for living, entertainment or industrial processes, it is easy to cause sanitary utensils and fabrics to turn yellow, and the water color is brownish red. Groundwater containing excessive hydrogen sulfide has an unpleasant smell, which affects the sensory pleasure of users. When groundwater is used for civil bathing, domestic water or industrial process water, it must be properly treated to make it meet the individual regulations of the “Drinking Water Sanitation Index” formulated by the Ministry of Health of my country: iron <0.3mg/L; manganese <0.1mg /L; hydrogen sulfide is about zero. In view of the water quality of groundwater, our company has developed a new type of self-cleaning filter for iron and manganese removal. This equipment is suitable for raw water with iron content not greater than 15mg/L, manganese content not greater than 10mg/L, and pH value not lower than 6.0. water quality. The treated water can reach the standard.

Application fields of self-cleaning iron and manganese removal filter

Self-cleaning iron and manganese removal filter has the characteristics of automatic cleaning, small footprint, wide range of water quality, etc. The process of deep removal.

The main features of the self-cleaning iron and manganese removal filter:

  1.  The equipment has the function of self-negative pressure oxygen absorption and dissolved oxygen, and the automatic purification treatment of iron and manganese water; the treatment effect is excellent, and the iron and manganese content in domestic drinking water can be stably met;
  2. Automatic cleaning function, when the filtered sewage accumulates to a certain amount, it will automatically clean and keep clean forever. The backwashing of the filter uses its own purification of product water, and there is no need to set up a backwashing pump or add a pump, and the amount of backwashing water is very small;
  3. Using a visual large-diameter manhole, the filter treatment effect is clear at a glance;
  4. Using a unique Water distribution and water collector, no matter how high the filtration rate is, the filtration effect will not be affected, and the backwash is thorough without worrying about running out of materials;
  5. Modular design and production, not only short production cycle, easy installation, but also modular series and parallel connection Running, suitable for any concentration of iron and manganese and water;
  6. It occupies a very small area, and can be installed indoors and outdoors, and can also be installed in layers up and down, with strong adaptability;
  7. It is convenient for expansion, renovation, relocation or relocation

Self-cleaning iron-manganese removal filter process

Self-cleaning iron-manganese removal filter is mainly composed of two processes. That is, the self-negative pressure oxygen absorption and dissolved oxygen process and the iron and manganese water purification process. The self-negative pressure oxygen absorption and dissolved oxygen process is to make the groundwater (raw water) fully contact with the air, so that the oxygen in the air can be quickly dissolved in the water, and create the necessary preconditions for the purification of iron and manganese water. The self-cleaning water purifier for removing iron and manganese automatically treats water containing iron and manganese. When the filter layer of the water purifier retains a lot of dirt and needs to be cleaned, the system uses self-produced purified water for self-cleaning to ensure the smoothness of the entire iron and manganese removal process. Long-term excellent operation. Main Performance and Parameter Table Item Parameters Treatment Water Volume (m3/h) 5 10 20 40 60 120 Filtration Speed (m/h) 5-20 Water Quality Influent Iron and Manganese Content Iron Content≤15mg/L Manganese Content≤10 mg/L Outlet Water Iron and manganese content Iron content ≤0.3 mg/L Manganese content ≤0.1mg/L Working pressure 0.3-0.5MPa (pressure requirements can be made according to customer requirements) Water temperature 4-60°C Backwash water consumption (%) 1~3 Operation cycle (h) 12-24 Self-cleaning filters (single unit) adopt modular design and standardized equipment. That is: multiple standard monomers can be freely connected in series to suit different concentrations of iron and manganese, and connected in parallel to suit different flow rates. The control system adopts self-developed microcomputer control system for unified control.

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