Healthy drinking water knowledge

1. What effect does water have on the human body?

Answer:-Provide cells with oxygen and nutrients, toxins and excreta are excreted from the body with sweat and urine.
-Maintain body flexibility, maintain skin elasticity, and regulate body temperature.
-Maintain the balance of electrolytes (potassium, sodium, etc.).

2. What is the amount of water we have to absorb every day?

Answer: The proportion of water in the human body is 70%, and an average of 2L of water is consumed every day.
The human body losing 1% of water can cause hunger, thirst and uncomfortable, the human body losing 5% of water can lead to a semi-coma state, and the human body losing 12% of water can cause death

3. What kind of water is good water?

Answer: Generally speaking, it is water that does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, chlorine components, and pollutants, and has a pH of about 7.5 and a temperature of 4-15 degrees Celsius.
Water that is good for health refers to unpolluted, unheated, cool, pure, raw water with sufficient oxygen content.

4. Is it safe to drink hot water?

Answer: Most people think that drinking hot water is safe. Water heating will not only destroy the oxygen element in the water, but also the movement of water molecules will lose their vitality due to static. Volatile organic compounds and odorous water can be heated for about 5 minutes to remove most of the harmful components, but pesticides can not volatilize harmful substances in a short time, and it takes a period of heating to volatilize harmful substances. That is, water that contains bacteria or is contaminated with volatile organic compounds is safer to drink after heating. However, heavy metals and harmful substances will not be removed, but will be concentrated, and the amount of carbonic acid and dissolved oxygen dissolved in the water will be reduced, and the taste of water will also decrease.

5. We rarely drink raw water at home. We drink it after boiling. There should be no problem, right?

Answer: Boiling water is a relatively primitive method of disinfection and sterilization. It may be a simple and economical method in areas with less water pollution. But today, when the water pollution is serious, it has not reached the requirements of human beings. The high temperature of 100 degrees can only kill viruses and bacteria, but the corpses of chloroform and other bacteria in the water will be concentrated as the water is boiled for a long time. Drink it It is harmful to the human body, and boiling water wastes gas and electricity, and the taste of boiling water is also very poor. With the increasing living standards today, we should find another shortcut. The scale contains heavy metal substances harmful to the human body, such as cadmium CD, aluminum PB, arsenic AS, mercury HG, and most of the poisonous effects of these heavy metal ions on the human body can be accumulated in the human body. Long time can easily lead to cancer.

6. What is a pure water machine and what is pure water?

Answer: The pure water machine is a device that uses the RO reverse osmosis principle to treat tap water or well water so that the water quality reaches the pure water standard.
Pure water is filtered by pure water equipment. There is no bacteria, virus, no pollution, no impurities and odor, pure water that can be directly drunk.

7. How can drinking pure water help health?

Answer: Purified water itself is a kind of living water, which contains sufficient oxygen and a small amount of minerals that are beneficial to the human body. It has the function of activating cells and promoting metabolism in the human body. It can enhance the body’s immunity and resistance. All diseases are caused by hypoxia. In addition, drinking clean water can wash away the impurities that were left in the body in the past, making it less prone to disease.

8. There are reports that: “Pure water is soft water, and there are no many nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Long-term drinking is not good for human health.” Is this statement correct?


  • People’s drinking water needs are only to supplement water, not to absorb nutrients. Its most important indicator is the purity and cleanliness of water quality. Pure water can meet this requirement. It has extremely strong solubility and helps the body’s metabolism to the greatest extent. Impurities from organs are excreted from the body, and the body’s immunity is improved, and the incidence of various stone diseases and cardiovascular diseases is reduced.
  • It is undeniable that water contains many minerals, including organic minerals contained in plants or meat that can be digested and absorbed by humans and animals, and inorganic minerals contained in water and soil that cannot be digested and absorbed by humans and animals. Among them, only 1% of organic minerals are needed by humans. The majority of inorganic minerals are meaningless to the human body. Only plants can absorb, perform photosynthesis, and transform into organic matter. Useless minerals are not absorbed in the human body, and they have to pass through human organs such as kidney, urethra, bladder, etc. Excretion from the body leads to various stone diseases and cancers.
  • A glass of orange juice contains more beneficial minerals than 110ℓdl tap water. The quality of minerals contained in a piece of sea serpent is equivalent to the amount of minerals contained in 1 ton of water. Therefore, the well-known scientist and world mineral authority Dr. Henry A. Schroter said, “The mineral content in the water required by the human body is not important compared with the mineral content in the food, so there is almost no The phenomenon of lack of minerals due to drinking pure water”. The American special publication stated that “Most of the minerals needed by the body are extracted from food. Drinking beverages does not help.” In order to apply the diet method, regardless of the full absorption of minerals, it is undesirable to absorb a large amount of impure inorganic minerals.

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