Introduction to the features of automatic water softening equipment (1)

Features of automatic water softening equipment:

  • The water softener only needs to manually add salt for regeneration regularly
  • Effectively remove calcium, magnesium and other elements that cause hard water and soluble iron
  • The equipment can be operated fully automatically and continuously supply soft water
  • Control the regeneration cycle in two modes of “flow” and “time”
  • Set and modify the use parameters according to the hardness of the raw water and other conditions
  • Automatically detect and display the water output of the equipment
  • Self-priming regeneration method, adapt to various salt tanks, salt ponds, etc.
  • Combined by independent water production units, it can adapt to various water production requirements

Widely used in industrial boilers, heat exchangers, laundry equipment, food industry, textile printing and dyeing and other industries

Technical indicators and requirements:

  1. Raw water hardness: <8mg·N/L (mg equivalent/liter)
  2. Water hardness: <0.03mgN/L
  3. Working water pressure: 0.2-0.5Mpa Working temperature: 0-40℃
  4. Concentration of raw water: <5 degrees
  5. Working voltage: <220V 50Hz
  6. Resin model: strong acid cation exchange resin
Hardness Water Softening System

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