Introduction to the characteristics of chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning refers to the use of chemical methods and chemical agents to achieve the purpose of cleaning equipment. The specific construction projects of chemical cleaning involve industrial fields, medical and food fields, transportation fields, and construction facilities fields. For equipment, metal surface fouling can cause under-scaling corrosion and hinder heat conduction, which can lead to waste of fuel and accidents. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the equipment regularly. Cleaning includes chemical cleaning and physical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning includes:

  1. All kinds of large-scale complete sets of equipment and international standard chemical cleaning engineering construction before the operation of the imported equipment system, the non-stop chemical cleaning engineering construction of all large-scale in-service water circulation system units during normal operation, and the heat transfer oil and heat medium system cleaning coke , Chemical cleaning engineering construction of carbon deposits, etc.
  2. The construction of chemical cleaning projects for high-pressure once-through boilers and steam drum boilers in power systems, and the construction of chemical cleaning projects for medium-pressure boilers, low-pressure boilers, hot water boilers, and tea stoves in various industrial industrial systems.
  3. In various power systems, high-pressure water systems, condensers, various industrial heat exchangers, coolers, condensers, reactor jackets, compressors, internal combustion engines, fermentation tanks, carbonization towers, refrigeration systems, mechanical pumps, Chemical construction projects such as distillation towers, various oil tanks, oil tanks, tank trucks, and tank trucks.
  4. Large-diameter and long-distance dust-cleaning pipeline systems of various power systems, various oil and petroleum transportation heating stations, pumping station pipeline systems, and industrial pipeline cleaning engineering construction of various systems.

Transportation field:

  1. Ship cleaning: chemical cleaning projects for coolers, main boilers and piping systems, and oil tanks in various international and domestic ocean-going freighters, military special ships, passenger ships.
  2. Vehicle cleaning: all kinds of imported domestic diesel locomotives, high school grade cars, military tanks and other cooling water system chemical cleaning projects, etc.
  3. Aircraft cleaning: chemical cleaning projects for various types of civil aviation passenger aircraft and military aircraft cooling systems.

Medicine and food field:

Ultra-clean, non-toxic, sterile, heat-free, high-precision chemical construction engineering of all equipment and tools involved in various production and use processes.

Building construction field:

All kinds of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings and residential buildings such as central air-conditioning, heating, heating and drainage, sewage and other non-stop cleaning of the entire system, and chemical cleaning of the surface of the building.

Urban public domain:

Segmented chemical cleaning construction project of urban water supply pipe network system, segmented chemical cleaning construction project of urban gas production and gas supply pipe network system, etc.

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